Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today, I am being a birthday brat, which is completely unacceptable because it is not even my birthday (which everyone has so kindly reminded me over and over again). I won't go into details, because they will most definitely make me sound bratty. What is it about family that sometimes make me act so bitchy and terrible, even though I am fully conscious of it. It ends up making me more annoyed (with myself) and ergo more of a brat. I should know by now, that Birthdays are not special. I don't mean this in a passive-aggressive way, I mean, in general, no one I am close with thinks much of birthdays. But I have always thought they were nice. Celebrating the fact that someone you love exists, it is a nice thought. Right? A good reason to eat good food, and get down and boogy. Which I will do soon. Perhaps I am realizing that the things I used to consider as family things, are being spread out to the families I have created for myself. And I am perfectly OK with that. Or, I am learning to be. I don't know what is wrong with me. I am going to blame it on hormonal imbalance. Yeah, that always works for girls, right?

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