Tuesday, August 2, 2011


They keep coming to me today, though perhaps they are not all dreams I had last night.

#1 Harry Potter, but terrifying. I don't remember the details.

#2 At our office job Lyndsay and I are responsible for finding the office mouse a new home. The mouse is the size of a piece of bubble yum. It inflates when it is scared. Whenever I hold it, I have to squeeze it so it can't escape. I feel like I'm killing it. Somehow, it gets lost in the shuffle after all and no one is upset, but I can't shake my guilt.

#3 Boys. I don't know who they are, but there are three of them and I am leading all of them on, though I like one of them more than the others. I know it is wrong, and yet I do it anyways.

#4 Dream where I forget to order two different flavors of chocolate shoppe so they give me a pre-packaged pint, which is just no where near as good as freshly scooped.

#5 Vaguely remember a dream where I speak Swahili. It is boring, but I suppose it is nice that I have been finding little bits of swahili in dream world.

Things are so strange. the strangest they have ever been. I am having a hard time. I know it will pass.

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