Wednesday, December 23, 2009


TONIGHT I GOT SO OVERWHELMED WITH ENERGY THAT I WENT OUTSIDE IN THE SNRAIN. IT WAS GREAT. Fancy pants is probably a little worse for the wear, but I got some lovely pictures, I had an epic self-dance party and my hair is now marvelously crazy. I MISS PHOTOSHOP. I went i-photo crazy, truly truly, I could not stop from taking picture upon picture. My plan was to write like crazy, but I had too much energy, so I took pictures instead. No one is walking around in the winter, especially when it is raining/freezing which means that I can wander along the river walk and run and dance and do really as I please without having to worry about much of anything. Today, i am elated for no particular reason at all really, the harshest weather seems to bring it out in me. I wish the my cousins were around, particularly Swelch who ain't afraid of the weather and will go on long cold walks with me and talk about everything or nothing and giggle and oh man, i miss herrrrrr. my friends have maybe, possibly, temporarily forgotten me, or not forgotten but rather, are all with each other and happy so i am straying from their thoughts. i know this is ok. i mean, i am convincing myself that it is, because it is but it is not something i have come to terms with which is why i tend to drive most everyone crazy from time to time. this blog was supposed to be solely a creative outlet, not a place where i talk about my feelings, (unless in a poetic way) and this right here, is a mess, but i can't help myself. no one reads it anyways, 'cept for my swelch, and she doesn't mind. i have a nervous/excited energy and it won't go away and it is times like these when i am pretty sure i need to be in love or something.

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