Tuesday, December 22, 2009


and by that i mean, work is preventing me from my creative process because right now, i really really want to write, and I can't because I hate being sleepy and if I write i will go to bed late and if i go to bed late i won't get very much sleep before i have my full day of work tomorrow. so i am making a prayer to the writing goddess (thank you Dana Kurtz) that my desire to write sticks around for a while so i can get some shit done.

last weekend was THE weekend, why my family and I live for december and our friends (who are all full of love) brought their daughter (made from love) and she was charming and she loved me, but the greatest thing was the way she said "this, this, this mama, this" to everything, because she didn't yet know the names. and somehow, i felt like sometimes she was saying "this mama, this" as though to explain a feeling. as though to say "THIS IS IT MAMA, THIS IS LOVE AND JOY AND MAGIC". I am sure i am weighing this poor 2 year old down by putting too much weight into what she said, but either way that is what I was thinking.

i will make that a story somehow too, i had to write it down before i forgot.

sorry this lack poeticness or proseness and i will be back with tomorrow to 1) edit like crazy 2) write some more rough drafts.

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