Sunday, September 26, 2010

Grandma and I have the nicest talk. Mostly we talk about how much we love things but also she checks to ensure that I know about safe sex, which is hilarious only because under normal grandma-granddaughter relationships this sort of talk should be awkward and it is not, at all. We end our conversation like this:

S "So, mostly I am just having a great time, and I am so happy here. And I am so excited about Kenya, but also it will be a little sad, because I'll miss everyone."
G "You were born happy, and you've just always been a happy sort a person. I was too."
S "Yeah, well being sad just isn't very much fun!"
G "Yeah, I am like that too. We were born happy, but some people are born sad and are sad all their lives. We were dealt good hands.
S "We were, I think the whole bunch of us was."

The whole conversation was us gushing, and it made me happy, happy to talk about being happy to remind me that I am, in fact, happy. I write this down, on here, because I need to remember it. Remember it for me, for her, and for a writing project I have been working on that I do not have time to do justice right now, a project about grandma and me.

I'm meeting new people and I want to tell them all about what is important to me and I want to learn about what is important to them, but sometimes people like to keep these things to themselves and I am learning this and learning to love what I don't know as much as what I do, and it is gushy and boring, I know, but I am mostly just learning to love things, always.

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