Friday, September 3, 2010

"loving, rapid, merciless-
breaks like the Atlantic ocean on my head."
-Robert Lowell

I am going to get acquainted with lots of new poets, finally, and I am excited and a little nervous but mostly just excited and hungry to learn and to argue and to make friends and to be busy all of the time and to write letters to people about how I am feeling and to snuggle with our cat.

Things I know about myself are that I am a sucker for poems or stories that talk about eating in terms of food metaphors and stomach aches, I am excited to write, I am going to try hard to write good things and not just quick things for class. I am going to put time into everything I do this semester, I am going to be deliberate on during the week and less deliberate on the weekends. I miss Milwaukee, I miss having friends around all of the time, so I am going out to reconnect with some acquaintances and to make some new friends because I love people and being around them and I am ready to make my own nest here, if I can.

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