Monday, September 20, 2010

last night Vianne and I tried to find the moon. She asked me to speak in Spanish and I felt inadequate when I couldn't.

Madison has swallowed me whole, just like every place I go does, and I am happy to be here, for now, for however long. Weird world, and everything is turning over, and it's surprising at first, always, until you remember that no matter how much things change they don't change at all, which is comforting but strangely disappointing too.

I live with my best pals and all we talk about all day is how much we love each other. lauren and I are ordering two large pizza's from domino's. she just said "so much pizza, so little time". we are going to take pictures of ourselves with the pizza, so we can be famous on domino's website. menage-et-cat, this is the god damned charmed lyfe if i ever saw it.

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