Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i keep having nightmares, not scary like a horror movie but just silly dreams of my heart breaking again and again, i keep waking up to drunk people yelling outside my window, which doesn't bother me but perplexes me because during the school week i barely get the chance to sleep let alone throw back any brewskies, i keep worrying these strangers are driving drunk, i keep waking up parched but with a full bladder, i keep waking up and my blanket smells like someone else. things are slipping through my fingers but i've been trying to force them to slip down my pen onto paper instead. I've been writing crazy letters. I've been making myself sad, just so I can get over it faster and also so I can write more about Heather, my alter-ego and my favorite enemy. All of these people, and no one talk to, I keep folding in on myself, and then unfolding and then folding again, I might be getting weak at the seams. I am not a mess, but I am just not sure.

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