Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It is perfect, it is sort of just what I need, something new to love, something new to study, and it is nice an long, so there are lots of secrets yet to discover. I love them all, but thus far Good Intentions Paving Company is my top pick, though I am sure one by one they will all be my favorite at different times.

"And I regret
how I said to you
'Honey, just open your heart
when I've got trouble
even opening a honey jar.
And that, right there, is where we are.

I've been 'fessing, double-fast,
addressing questions nobody asked.
I'll get this joy off my chest, at last,
and I will love you
till the noise is long since passed."

I just don't even know what to do right now. I hope someday that I can write something a fraction as magical. She somehow manages to talk about everything that is emotionally overwhelming without ruining or belittling it, and perhaps making it better.

OK, enough of this shmoozing, it was no mystery that I would/will/do love this album, and you need not hear about my infatuation any longer.

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