Sunday, February 14, 2010


"But a person can't tell
His best friend he loves him
Till time has stopped breathing
You're alone on the hill"

mostly, you should just get your grubby little hands on Jeff's cover album of John Prine songs. I can not endorse getting it illegally, but it is $15 well spent, because it is the brilliance of John Prine's lyrics with the country toned down.

The thing about folk music is that it is kind of perfect. Not always, but it is so lyric oriented, and my brother grew up listening to the melodies but I grew up listening to the words, which is why we are different even when we are the same. There is something so nice about the lyrics in folk songs. Mostly the proper amount of sadness that I want in a song, and nothing that is quite overwhelming. Calming, without being nothing at all. Though I don't know if these can stand on their own, without the music.

Keep these things to yourself, indulge in them one by one, I think you might be able to get them to last a while if you keep them to yourself. I don't believe this, it is an innate sense that nothing I have is mine, and why would I want it to be? And yet, I find ways to tip-toe around most of the things I mean to say, because I don't trust people to react in a way that will be O.K. Or I don't want to make them uncomfortable. I can neither swallow or spit out these things, so a just choke and stutter. Or worst, I talk about other things all together, the things I know best, which have nothing to do with the things that I want to say. Or I chew and chew and chew on what I want to say and when I finally spit it out, it looks nothing like what I remembered it. I want to apologize for all the things I will never tell you though I suspect you won't mind as much as I do. Or for all of the things I tell you that I don't quite mean, though I bet if you strung them together you might be able to decipher what I am really trying to say, but maybe not. If you picked the holes, the things I didn't say, around all the things I did, you might just find that the things that are missing are the only things that are really supposed to be there.

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