Friday, March 19, 2010


Today Lauren and I decided to test out pipe smoking. So thus we were sitting on the docks by the union, failing again and again to keep our pipes lit when we were approached by a man in his 50's. And here is the interaction we had:
We nod our heads cautiously.
"You guys are just smoking pipe tobacco right?"
"Just don't make a habit out of it. It's nice once in a while though, I think I recall I used to smoke every once in a while. I mean, I'm a health nut, but I think it is healthy if you do it occasionally."
Lauren and I mumble something or other.
"I just have a question for you though. Does it ever make you sick, from all the stuff you inhale?"
We nod, even though we don't know, we've never smoked pipes before.
"Yeah, I think it used to make me sick."
"So, it will be hard to recognize or understand but, face to face booking when you figure out what that is THEN let me know if you are still smoking."
And thus he left.
This is not right, these are not the exact words, but it felt like a very profound conversation. He said it like a threat, as though he was trying to tell us we should not be smoking, despite his claim that it was healthy on occasion. He said it like he knew something I didn't.
Face-to-face booking:
Social commentary? About how we are all so dependent on facebook as a form of communication that soon it will be the norm and talking to someone in person will be called face-to-face booking? What does that have to do with smoking?
"Let me know." as though he would just turn up once we figured it out.

It is hard to explain, it is half hilarious half perplexing. I did a terrible job of telling the story, perhaps I will edit this later.

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