Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It is strange that a Freshman level, giant lecture can be the one that causes me to think the most, outside of class, and I am so glad I stumbled into this class. We watched a Jeanne Kilbourne lecture today, in class about ads and their affect on society and for some reason even though it was no surprise to me I felt certain things click. Through ads women are taught that they are objects, or at least that if they have sexuality, it is an object. Mostly we hear about how this causes women to objectify themselves and fail to talk about the flip side of this issue. Through mass-media and whatever sort of other things I learned that women are seen as objects and somehow or another got the notion that in order to be seen as a person, I had to shy away from any sort of sexuality. My inhibitions about sexuality derive from the fact that I assumed that if I embraced my sense of sexuality I would be simultaneously embracing my objectivity.

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