Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the nature of things, and things of that nature

It is winter and winter is supposed to feel slow and honey like, but it feels fast. Too fast for my liking. There are too many lovely people here, and they keep seeming to get lovelier, but I have to leave. This makes me sad, but also relieved, because I've gotten myself entangled in some messes and I need to get out of here. And there are too many bypasses and too much too clean water and too much of everything here. I need to be somewhere with a little more heart.

It is winter and I am going to love things too much and it is going to sting but it is well worth it. Redbird week is almost here and when I remember, it doesn't even matter that things are messy because I will be home in the warmth of folk-music love. Time to shake these blues baby, winter won't wait for you.

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