Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why Heather is More Desirable Than Say, Me

(According to the General Population)
WHY HEATHER IS MORE DESIRABLE THAN SAY, ME (According to the General Population)

Heather has a bangin' body
but also
a bodacious bong,
that resembles
the most perfect pair
of breasts.

Heather's got thighs
the size of Texas
but they're not
quite as conservative
and knee-caps as smooth
as freshly churned butter.

I've got elbows
rough as a cats tongue
and breasts so small
even babies
turn their heads away.

Heather consoles me,
reminding me that I am blessed
with an awkward beauty
and because I lack her
valiant vertebrae
I pretend to believe
this is a compliment.

When push comes to shove
and lust comes to love
Heather is always
given priority.

OK, the edits are getting a little worse each time, and this doesn't say what I want it to say, which is that while I am jealous of Heather's hotness, I also don't really want to be desired and objectified the way she so often is. DON'T GOT TIME, 10 poems due in 3 hours, SHIT.

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