Wednesday, January 13, 2010


i can't find this song anywhere else but youtube, and I know i've talked about it a bajillion times but really really, I am enamored with this song, perhaps because in my head, it is me. In general, Joanna Newsom can bring me to tears pretty easily, but this song does it every time without fail. I wish I could write something so magical, and she is probably what is keeping my belief in magic in tact. It is silly to use words to describe words and it is silly to use words to describe music, so I won't even bother, but she is really just spot on, all the time.

I have been noticing that metaphors makes more sense to me than saying things straight, because metaphors make a more specific image or feeling, and saying things straight forward just doesn't really cover all the bases. In class they always try to make you analyze all the nice things about the words away, until you are left with some cold, lonely words, and I don't understand why they are always asking me to rip it apart. Most the time it just makes sense the way it is. I don't mind discussing it, but I hate picking at it.

I am never quite sure if I have a point, but I am not convinced that that is a bad thing.

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