Monday, January 18, 2010


summer sausage
ranch dressing
things that don't make sense
things that remind me of fish eggs
fish eggs
people that don't have feelings
things advertised in infomercials
stuff my brother says
rigor mortis
TELEVISION the thing
TELE-VISION the word
your mom's haircut

Lately, I've mostly been thinking about things in terms of other things, in terms of nothing. But mostly I've been thinking about my cousins and I drowning in our Welchiness and about my brother and about how we were born to never stop moving, and how I keep defying that birth-trait and how i should go more places, faster, and how I shouldn't even be here by tomorrow, because I should always be on the run. I think myself and I are getting along charmingly these days, and I would not lose my mind if I ran off, and the fact that I can, just go, wherever, whenever, is frightening/exciting and I think that people forget that we have so many options. I think that maybe, I want to be in awe of everything always, and I want to start creating more moments of awkward perfection, because if you decide to love everything with the proper amount of awe and openness I think they are easy to make. Perhaps learning to love each moment as a separate thing as opposed to one fluid thing, will make it easier for me to be happy. Learning to love yourself is important, but perhaps a certain amount of self-hatred is ok, and we can compensate for it by loving each other.

Today something told me that I'd be alright on my own.

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