Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the last two days I've been thinking about my cousins (as per usual) and my music making desires (as per usual) and other such things that so often creep into my head when I am left to my own devices.

Two things that are important to me about my firey-haired Madison cousin:

We are talking in the car about boy names for the baby. He says non-chalantly but excitedly "I can just see him being the hot mysterious guy in high school. Ya know, the quiet guy that all the girls are intrigued by." I have talked about this before, but he is full of love maybe in the way that I am, and there is always a little gap between us but we have a lovely sort of understanding.

He checks in on me with text messages like: "How your tests go there, buddy?"

These are small things, maybe, but I am mostly only into small things. Also, he sometimes thinks my jokes are funny.

Wiz and Sarah had a weekend reunion, and I wish I could have been there to eat and watch movies with them, and somehow in the midst of all of this have conversations about Welchy things, and how our lives are still so intricately entwined to our Welchdom even as we move further apart from each other/our Welch homes. Kenya will be Welchless, and I've never really been Welchless so it will be interesting. Artie is talking about our Welch-road trip and how I might have to fly to meet them after Kenya and I was thinking about how a week or two in close quarters with my family might be the strange and proper transition to help aid my culture shock/life shock.

I am tangling myself in a variety of webs. Like I said before: this could all be trouble... or it could not be.

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